Tony Lombardo

Author and Founder, Let's Hear Your Story (LHYS)

Location Ocean County

Pronouns he/him

Email address [email protected]

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I do peer counseling and public speaking. My intent is to provide insight as to how one successfully lives a productive life despite the presence of any physical challenge. I have been afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1980 and have been wheelchair bound twenty-one years. As a means of "paying it forward," I established Let's Hear Your Story LHYS. This is an Emotional Stamina Showcase and Survivor's Journal. Please visit the prototype at: Our mantra: How We Conquer Life's Obstacles. LHYS exhibits a “social value” by focusing upon how we learn survival skills from each other. Anonymous stories are posted as well. As an "offshoot," I established Artists...Let's Hear Your Story LHYS. Artists illustrate the Inner Strength contained within the human spirit through their work. Please visit the prototype at: With help from my friend and co-author Craig Schwab, I wrote and self-published “On Both Sides of The Fence...How to Successfully Lead a Fulfilling Life Despite the Presence of Any Physical Challenge” on Outskirts Press ISBN-10: 1432707434. I voluntarily work with Prof. John Buzza / Monmouth University and his entrepreneurial students. Our goal is to establish a LHYS “footprint” within the Physically Challenged Community (PCC). I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Grew up in a family which migrated from Sicily. Hence, we only spoke a Sicilian dialect at home. Technically, English is my second language. I graduated from St. Francis College in Brooklyn in 1974 with a B.A. in Spanish. I am married and have three adult children and five grandchildren. Please view my YouTube suicide prevention video entitled, "You Are Not Your Illness. These Words Gave Me The Strength Not To Kill Myself” at: