Sherritta Hughes, PhD, LPC, ACS

Owner Founder/Clinical supervisor and clinician, Hughes Integrative Wellness, Inc. We are virtual at the time, but will be accepting in-person clients summer 2022

Location Mercer County

Pronouns she/her

Email address [email protected]

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Biographical information

My background is in clinical mental health counseling, whereby I have been in practice for 17 years. At the practice, Hughes Integrative Wellness, Inc. (a not-for-profit small business), we use culturally responsive means to meet the needs of clients who have diverse mental health needs that center on their pluralistic identities. Additionally, at HIW we orient our services according to a wellness model of care. This is based on an 8 dimensions of wellness model so to address the whole person from a strength-based approach. These modes of treatment have been helpful in supporting clients in healing process rooted in trauma, racial stress, and healthy identity development. Additive to this work, I provide continuing education (CE) approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) for licensed counselors. Moreover, I have a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, which prepared me to teach master's and doctoral level curriculum in professional counselor preparation for students seeking licensure as LPC and to become scholar-practitioners in mental health healthcare. As a scholar-practitioner, I have conducted research on the topic of wellness with student athletes, African American adults, and as a virtual modality during the era of COVID. Also, I have been a keynote speaker for the American College Counseling Association (ACCA), and the president of state and regional counseling associations in Maryland, New Jersey, and the North Atlantic Region.