Shawn Maxam

Senior Associate Director for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, Princeton University

Location Mercer County

Pronouns he/him

Email address [email protected]

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Shawn Maxam is Senior Associate Director for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. In this role, he leads strategic partnerships and projects associated with campus climate, academic departments, data analysis, and history and sense of place, among others. Shawn joined the Provost Office in 2016 as an Assistant Director. He previously served as the Prevention Coordinator for Men’s Initiatives in Princeton’s University Health Services from 2014 to 2016. Shawn is deeply committed to board service and educational non-profits. He serves as a trustee for the Princeton-Blairstown Center and the Lawrence Township Education Fund. Shawn earned his BFA from Long Island University and two Masters degrees from Bryn Mawr College in Social Service and Law & Social Policy.