Julia Nevarez

Associate Professor, Kean University

Location Union County

Pronouns she/her

Email address [email protected]

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Julia Nevarez research focuses on urban issues, urban development, public space, technoculture, and climate change. Her interdisciplinary conceptual analysis applied to the complexity of living in cities is evident in her written work with chapters in books about public space and globalization in Central Park; large video screens, public space and governmentality in Times Square; and public space and gentrification in Harlem, among others. The last is part of the book she edited entitled: On Global Grounds: Urban Change and Globalization. On Global Grounds examined the emergent globalization processes of the early 2000s in different cities around the world. More recently she has contributed with articles to the digital magazine UrbanNext. Her interest in theory as a way of conceptualizing contemporary urban space has focused on issues such as global urbanization, the networked society, critique of the global city, social justice and climate change. In 2018 she published the book Governing Disaster in Urban Environments: Climate Change Preparation and Adaption after Hurricane Sandy. Her most recent book The Urban Library: Creative City Branding in Spaces for All examined the meaning and role of the public library focusing on examples in the United States, Colombia, Canada, and Egypt as a democratic urban space and anchor institution within the creative city urban development model. She obtained her Ph.D. in Environmental Psychology, was an Executive Board Member of the Urban Affairs Association and Sociology Coordinator at Kean University where she currently teaches.