Chelsea H. Barrett

Business Librarian, Seton Hall University

Location Essex County

Pronouns she/her

Email address [email protected]

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Biographical information

Chelsea H. Barrett is the Business Librarian at Seton Hall University and also serves as one of the co-liaisons to Africana Studies at the university. She holds a Masters degree in Business Administration with concentrations of Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as a Master of Information with focus points of librarianship, data, and information technology. One focal point in her current research involves amplifying voices or points of view that are either unheard or disregarded. Her research interests include data, diversity, innovation, entrepreneurship and librarianship. She is also involved with volunteering with the World Health Organization as well as Humanitarian Mapping initiatives with Open Street Map. On a personal side, she is a purple-loving life long learner, who loves romance novels, anime, rainy days, and turtles.