Amy Torres

Executive Director, New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice

Location Atlantic County

Pronouns she/her and they/them

Telephone number 551 200 3535

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Amy Torres is Executive Director of the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice (NJAIJ), the largest immigration coalition in the state. At NJAIJ, Amy fights for policies that empower and protect immigrants. Recent NJAIJ wins have included a state-wide ban on ICE detention contracts (the first on the East Coast and fifth in the nation), a first-of-its-kind direct pandemic relief program for families excluded from federal COVID-19 stimulus, and the "Let's Drive NJ" campaign and implementation of drivers' licenses for all, regardless of immigration status. Prior to NJAIJ, Torres led immigrants’ rights and policy advocacy in New York City, with a focus on Asian American and Pacific Islander empowerment. Major campaigns and issues of expertise included: Language Access & Inclusion, Democracy & Voting Rights Reform, including Non-Citizen Municipal Voting, Census & Redistricting, Transportation Justice through "Fair Fares" and Congestion Pricing. Firmly rooted in Torres's identity is their experience as a second generation Filipinx American and the core belief that human rights and liberties should not be subject to change because of something as arbitrary as birthplace, border, or paperwork. Outside of their professional work, Torres is active in local politics in Hudson County. In 2020, Torres was a named plaintiff in a restraining order brought by the Hudson County Executive for continued ICE detention contracts. Torres is represented by the ACLU alongside other local activists named in the case.